Monday, 1 August 2016

Simplify ! Cornflowers in Watercolour

"Simply Blue"
Cornflowers in Watercolour

For the last two weeks I have been teaching watercolour workshops in UK. And one point really hit me. So many artists on my courses spend so much time putting so much detail in their work and yet their main goal is to work in a loose style.

My main word that I keep repeating in classes is this


I lose so much detail when I paint. There is a fine line between a painting being far too abstract with not enough information in it or being far too tight, where far too much information is included in it.

Artist tips for painting in a loose style.
 Try to lose half the subject
Only put in detail that makes the subject visible.
Don't distract from the subjects beauty once the subject is clearly seen.
Use definitive brushwork
Make great use of soft and hard edges
Soften  hard lines in places.
 Keep your work fresh
Allow the paper to shine through the pigment so that your work looks like a watercolour.
 And most importantly smile! If you love what you are creating others will too!



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Unknown said...

Thank you Jean for sharing... I appreciate it.