Friday, 5 August 2016

Feeling The Blues : Paint Yourself Calm

 "The Three Amigos"
From my Wedgewood Blue Collection

Three roses in blue above. This painting came about simply by my playing with colour in my daily warm up exercises as described in my new DVD " Watercolour Workout" and from techniques described in my latest book " Paint Yourself Calm".

I am so happy with my latest book. I paint every single day but I sometimes get to the point where I am searching for something far more dramatic and exciting each time I pick up my brushes. And oh boy am I discovering new wonders each day this week. I started a few days ago by painting in green shades which led to my fun paintings of hogweed. Yesterday I worked in red and yellow shades leading me to lovely ideas for large poppy or anemone paintings. But today I needed to use a colour I haven't used all week, as a challenge, for my daily exercises and I turned to blue shades for a change. Only blue shades! This really was a terrific chnage and the effects from my break away from lots of vibrant colour are lovely.

I used the "Creating Obstacles" section from my book " Paint Yourself Calm"  ( Page 50 ) as the foundation for my washes. Painting around negative shapes and allowing colour to flow freely around them.

Before I knew it I had a collection of blue rose paintings on my easel. I am calling this my "Wedgewood Blue " collection.

  Wedgewood Blue Collection
Created from  my "Paint Yourself Calm" book  exercises.

Something is happening with my art. Whilst I have been teaching artists on my workshops to relax when painting I have moved into a very new peaceful zone myself, where I am totally at one with my work when creating. I can blank out the world and disappear into a heavenly place that is calm and peaceful. A place that when I leave it, I feel energised and far calmer than when I started painting. With such a busy lifetsyle I needed to not only write this book but use it in my daily routine. It is changing me completely and happily effecting my life also in that I seem to achieve far more because of the relaxed mood I find myself permanently in regardless of what is going on around me.

 "Side by Side"
From my Wedgewood Blue collection

From my Wedgewood Blue Collection

 Just a few simple washes each day can do so much to improve your art. And if you have been following my blog this week you should feel energised and excited about painting too. There is so much out there as subject material. Not just flowers, as even painting in an abstract style is appealing.

Artists Tips

1) Have fun. 
2) Let go and enjoy watching colour move. 
3) You never know how good you can really be if you don't experiment. 
4) Don't just paint what you know.
5) Paint with colours you may not  usually opt for and have an adventure. 

It was so hard leaving my work to write this blog post! But I hope it has inspired you.

Happy painting!


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VickiRossArt said...

I've been following you for a good while, and just got my two new books today...New Colour and Light and Paint Yourself Caml. I already had the digital of world of watercolor. Excellent exercises and I am adding them to my daily routine.