Thursday, 18 August 2016

New Direction : Something Wonderful

"Misty Morning"
 Start of a new atmospheric country scene painting 

I knew it. I knew something was about to happen in my painting style. I have felt a change coming for a while but until now had no idea what it was. I can't explain it, but something in my artistic soul has been very restless recently. And you may have noticed my blog posts have been prolific as I have been painting something, whatever it was, out of my system. But each time I picked up my brushes I knew there was more. Something I wasn't quite " getting" . But now I do feel something is happening in my latest work. This feeling is leading me into a completely new area of my art life.

I love teaching. I always have and I love sharing my passion for working in watercolour. But all the time I have been writing, travelling on tour, or teaching workshops in UK my own creative time has been restricted and limited. Please don't get me wrong. I wouldn't give up what I do for the world. But I do miss the exploration, the pushing of myself to cross new boundaries to find something that I am searching for, always. I miss my solitude. Time spent alone in my studio. Searching for something better and more exciting. Well I know I now am on the right track, because this afternoon something magical happened.

I had been playing with painting hummingbirds. And theses paintings on my easel are lovely but they aren't what my soul is screaming for me to do. So, I went back to the countryside scenes I had been painting as washes all week, but this time I took vey bold colour and a few bits and pieces I had lying around in my studio to gain better texture effects in them and I am really very excited now.

I am working large for this journey as this is not a time to be timid. Here is a photo of my new large painting, so far on my easel.

Atmospheric country scene of autumn fruits in hedgerow
First stage

I have gone in very strong with colour using Quinachirdone Magenta mainly. Cadmium Yellow gave me the burst of warmth I was looking for. I want this scene to look as though you are walking through an early morning fog. Seeing hedgerow through the mist. I am there in my mind feeling the fog swirl around me. Its' a cold  Autumn morning with the first chill hitting the air.  I am alone. Just me, taking in the fresh air. Enjoying the beauty of nature. I want to take the viewer of my art there with me. But they will be alone also ,not with me. They too will be soaking in the atmosphere as if they were experiencing this early morning wonder.

The berries are appearing in the mist as seen in the image below. Just there, visible but almost out of sight

Blackebrries in the mist
Close up from my painting.

I am using all orts of things in all manner of ways to create texture. Rags, lace. You name it I am using it. I love it. I have a way of painting that I call " webbing". It creates really exciting patterns in my work.

Strong colour and texture in a section of my new painting so far.

I know I am crossing a bridge with my art. And its' exciting. I could stay where I am or take that next step. I'm moving forward with that incredible buzz that you feel when you are about to do something totally new.

This is exactly why I love being an artist. There are so many roads yet that I haven't travelled with my art and this could be the most fascinating yet. Maybe those hummingbirds brought me luck after all. They say humming birds carry a meaning.

 Perhaps I should listen to folklore!


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