Friday, 19 August 2016

Blackberry Way

Blackberries in hedgerows
On my easel this morning

I have two  gorgeous blackberry paintings on my easel. Side by side. Both almost finished. The new direction I am moving in is so exciting. If you look at the painting on the left in the image above it is darker and more atmospheric but I do love the clean fresh look of the lighter golden painting too.

I have two sides as an artist and inside me, one is trying to dominate the other. 

Which side will win?

For now I am happy to allow them to fight it out but its' so much fun sharing my personal art journey here. I have no idea where I am heading, that is not quite true I know where I want to head but I am going to let colour alone lead me. 

I will have to try not to allow the artist within me who likes what they are doing to prevent the other artist within me who still wants to come out to escape!

Have a brilliant day


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