Thursday, 18 August 2016

Colourful Dreams

Humming Bird in Flight
Doodle in a wash!

Yesterday I had a wonderful visit at my cottage, from my friend Australian artist Georgia Mansur. While I was showing Georgia my studio I showed her one of my favourite blue shades,demonstrating by throwing colour on paper. Literally.

I walked into my studio  this morning and could see yet another humming bird appearing in the scrap of now blue paper, that was really fit only for the bin. I added the eye and beak of a humming bird to it and then a small body. Now when I look at this piece I can see the eye of a second humming bird lower down. Can you? This dot of colour is begging to be turned into a second humming bird. I have shared this painting at this stage, as it is so that you can see how I find my inspiration. I am guided purely by colour and shapes in a wash which lead me to painting whatever subjects the colour dictates which will fit in the background wash. 

But right now my subjects always seem to be humming birds. I even dreamt about them last night. I could clearly see many humming birds in my dream and they were so colourful. Their wings were moving so fast and they seemed to soar higher and higher getting smaller as they flew towards beautiful light. In my dream I looked at my wrist as I felt something touching it lightly. One of the birds had softly flown onto my wrist, and where it had briefly landed now was a silver bracelet which had humming birds on it. I can't tell you how disappointed I was to wake this morning and realise that bracelet was in my dream only. I loved it!

But I walked Bailey my dog and then walked into my studio. Within seconds this blue hummingbird had appeared on the paper I had meant to throw away. I may just explore it further. And paint even more humming birds.

Whatever you are doing, have a great day. And if you dream, maybe you too should paint what you have seen. That is as long as its'  a nice dream!

Happy painting



Sue said...

Gorgeous, most beautiful birds and in your paintings. I have a thing for birds at the moment, specifically tiny ones - don't ask me why. The other day I 'discovered' that there are a number of species of blue wren, native to Australia I think, so beautiful I shall have to paint them.
Your dream reminded me of something Van Gogh wrote in one of his many letters:-
“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
Thank you for sharing.

Magdalena French said...

Hello Jean,

I had goosebumps when I read your account of your beautiful dream about the hummingbirds. Yes, how can it be anything other than God, universal wisdom, divine inspiration or whatever you may choose to call it, reaching out to you... Your hummingbirds are the JOY within you expressed and what an exquisite experience for you to have. One day I hope to experience such things too with my painting...

I am enjoying reading your prolific posts immensely and take much inspiration from them.

Your work always 'lights' up my day.

Magdalena French