Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Good News Follow Good News

"Taking The Lead"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

The last twelve months have been really exciting in my art journey but each week now something even more wonderful seems to happen. I feel as though I am  part of an amazing chain of events that are almost too good to be true. I am known for painting from my heart and my passion for watercolour . By simply doing what I enjoy is bringing  me so much pleasure.

Last weekend  I submitted paintings for the SWA.Society of Women Artists Annual Exhibition. I was thrilled to hear my work has been accepted and that I am now a full member which is a huge honour. 

I had submitted work to the SWA  for the first time in 2009 and won the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award for my collection of cockerels. This year I was torn because my cockerels are  now leading me into wonderful opportunities in so many directions including galleries and charities. Two special cockerel paintings will be in Auctions in London this year to help raise funds for some wonderful children. But when it came to deciding which six paintings and which six subjects I should submit this year to the SWA my heart was really torn.

I wanted to show my versatility as an artist and yet I felt safer if I was putting putting six cockerels forward. Right up until the very last minute I was still unsure of which paintings to choose . However I made the decision and my choice can be seen at the Mall Galleries this July. This is where you will find out if it was cockerels or not!

To find out more about the exhibition and  details on how to become a member please see the following link
This is an amazingly inspirational exhibition with a huge variety of styles and subjects in all mediums so definitely one not to be missed! 
On another note I have sold out of my racing scenes and will be working on a new collection shortly. In truth I have sold out of many of my favourite subjects at the moment. As my original paintings are limited in several galleries it is a sheer joy  knowing the passion I hold for watercolour is enjoyed which in turn really is a wonderful nudge for my enthusiasm to keep picking up my brushes. But I will still always paint what my heart tells me to paint. It is who I am and to change now I feel could  affect my  free style and technique. And I love that no one knows what to expect next from me. It adds to the excitement.

Thank you so much to everyone who has let me know personally how much you are enjoying my blog. I keep meeting people or receiving emails with  such lovely comments.  I tend to type and then press send not imagining anyone is actually going to really read my  post or look at my blog. And then I hear such touching and  incredible feedback that really inspires me to share more.

Thank you SO much,because of people like you I do share and will always continue to do so.



Arti said...

Congrats, Jean...your work is an inspiration to all of us!

Lindsey said...

Congratulations! I love the babes by the way!

Cheryl said...

Richly deserved Jean all that is happening for you.Congratulations on your accolade it is a tribute to sheer creative talent and one that is a joy to behold. said...

I love your paintings and they inspire me to start working with watercolor again.

AK said...

Amazing work.