Friday 19 March 2010

Old Dubai

"Old Dubai"
Original Watercolour by Jean Haines

I have so many wonderful projects on the go at the moment. Many I feel so very lucky to be blessed with. Among them I am working on a series of scenes from old Dubai  from when I lived there.These are all from photographs I have taken myself. My own resources which makes them more alive to my artists imagination..

In comparison as subjects compared to the Himba Girls there is a huge difference in my results and sensations as I paint because I am aiming to capture something I have physically seen. I watched the gentleman walking in this market scene. I witnessed the sellers eagerly hoping each passer by would stop at their stall. I understood the need to stand in the shadows of the awnings as the heat became so intense. As a sun lover I too sought the shade.

My book explains how I see colour and how it is effected by light. It plays a large part of my style.

 More Dubai scenes will be following soon and news of why.
For now my trip  down memory lane is so enjoyable I will go there via my paintbrush and think of  amazing friends and artists I have met there and will meet again.

Life is wonderful!


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Anonymous said...

You have so beautiful paintings, and I would really LOVE to go to the west of Norway and join your course. I would really love to buy your book, too. Maybe you have some of them with you to Norway. I'm following your blog and try to see how you make your paintings....